Saturday, January 26, 2008


...But for every man who has any facial hair. Beards, goatees, staches...heck even eyebrows.

About 7 years ago I started to dabble in making lotions and skin butters. I never quite found the right lotion combination and they always turned out thick and gooey. I was more interested in the butters for skin and then fell in love with soaps, oils and scents.

It was my mom, dad and husband who inspired and encouraged me to make something for a man's facial hair. My husband has a long goatee that is like every man's facial hair, not soft. He was my inspiration. I started with lots of research, trials, errors and my lucky husband was the guinea pig. Since he braids, styles and combs his goatee daily, he was the perfect person to help me evolve the creation into what is now Craig's Beard & Stache Butter Wax Conditioner.

Lots of suggestions, feedback and positive encouragement have brought Craig's products to where they are today. I started selling the Butter Wax Conditioner in 4 oz. tins on Ebay, but took the suggestions of some buyers to find an easier application. Today I sell the Butter Wax Conditioner in a handy 1.8 oz. twist up oval tube for easy hands free application. Some buyers miss the 4 oz. tin, so I may also add this container back.

All products are made with high grade all natural ingredients by me in small batches for freshness. I use only fresh butters and oils that are meant to treat skin and hair. You could probably even eat it, but I wouldn't suggest it. The consistency is of a hard butter but never leaving your facial hair greasy. It's the perfect combination of wax for a light styling hold and butters for wonderful conditioning. If you spend a lot of time on a bike of any kind, out in the sun and wind...this is for you. If your facial hair is dry and coarse...this can help when used daily.

I've also experimented with different oil scents. The original scent used was Lavender. Mixed with the different butters, the Lavender oil made the product smell faintly of black licorice in a very pleasing way. The scent was manly and fresh. I currently carry Craig's Beard & Stache Butter Wax Conditioner in Unscented, Frankincense & Myrrh and Lavender (which I now call "Original").

Since starting making the Craig's Beard & Stache Butter Wax Conditioner opportunities have been showing themselves to me. I've sold more and more to repeat customers and word of mouth is great advertising. Two great sites that now carry Craig's products are and

I'll always listen to suggestions from buyers. Of course I enjoy hearing how people love it and how they have to buy more. So please contact me if you love it, want it or need it. I currently sell on Ebay at and on Etsy

There has also been a new addition to the Craig's line that seems to sell out fast! Craig's Beard & Stache Infusion. I'll talk more about the Infusion later. For now, send me your beard stories and check out my Etsy store to the right!

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